Consultancy Services

We manage and operate publicly or privately owned facilities on behalf of our clients and we believe that the right expertise in each area of business is the key to success.

Specialising in the amenity and leisure sectors we have built up a team of highly qualified professionals, who will analyse and provide accurate and concise information for each area of your business.

Ensuring that your business runs smoothly depends on a solid foundation. Our experts have the knowledge and the proven track record to help you build this piece by piece.

Business Areas

Amenity & Sports Turf Agronomy

In the amenity and sports sectors the creation of sustainable and highly functional surfaces is extremely important.

The performance of any surface can depend greatly on natural environment factors such as existing soil type, pH & water content, to name but a few.

Our expertise covers the following surfaces:-

  • Golf courses
  • Tennis courts
  • Football pitches
  • Rugby pitches
  • Cricket pitches
  • Parks

Business performance audit & advisory services

We specialise in providing performance audit and advisory services to the amenity and leisure industry sectors. We can identify the areas of strength and opportunity within your business and build on them. We can help you deal with the problems which hold you back.

In short our audit and advisory service will help you discover how to maximise your performance.

Environmental Consultancy

Improving environmental performance in your business has never been in the public eye to the extent it is today. At Mack Trading we recognise the balance of being cost-efficient in running your business at the same time as being environmentally aware.

Our team will guide you through the myriad of standards and apply those that are relevant to you.

Project Management Services

Our business depends on our project management skills, as a result our expertise has become finely honed. Whether it is a small project to upgrade your tennis courts or a more far reaching project to build your golf course, we have the experience and skills to manage your project, to keep it on time and to budget.

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