Thinking about providing Junior Golf?

Require a professional team to manage it for you? At Mack Trading we pride ourselves on our ability to provide total solutions for amenity management. We have a wealth of experience in golf-course and junior programme management.

Junior Golf

In 2003 we introduced the first junior golf programme for our clients in Limmerick. Since then, membership to this programme alone has grown to 150 players. Such over-whelming success has meant that we have been able to encourage the introduction and take up of the sport by younger players in all of the clubs we manage.

Our Programmes

We currently have junior golf programmes running at the following courses:

  • Moors Valley, Dorset
  • Heaton Park, Manchester
  • Ruislip, London
  • Hastehill, London
  • Uxbridge, London
  • Rathbane, Limmerick
  • Grange Castle, Dublin
  • Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Our programmes are designed to give junior golfers the opportunity to play and develop their skills through fun and educational sessions.

Golf For All

We are a founding sponsor of Empowering Youth Foundation (EYF). A charitable organisation, which provides community-based programmes for socially and economically disadvantaged young people and their families. We are very proud of our work with EYF, which teaches young people valuable life skills through the medium of sport.

Golf is a fantastic sport for anyone to learn. Not only does it teach co-ordination, judgement and numeracy, but it also helps teach the players the importance of some of the most basic life skills including honesty, integrity and trust.
Liam McCabe
CEO, Mack Trading